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There’s no shame in wearing what you need to to feel comfortable!

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  1. Stumbled across this site. I am Aspergers. I searched my territory for answers for 50 years I begged, I sought . University of Virginia Hospitol , community mental health. I am a artist, one who worked so hard I raised my three daughters after divorce ; dependent on art patrons. I always tell the story illustrating “ it’s a small world that Elizabeth Taylor appeared in a limo,pulled up to my studio and purchased a painting.
    So it was a long haul, but then the Barnes and Noble, and a cover that said look me in the eyes . My Father was an attorney but he slapped me in the face saying look me in the eye “; what a slam standing in a bookstore . I went to the coffee shop, sat down and started reading. I was at Pawleys Island SC. The next 6 months of my life, Barnes and Noble stayed open till 11😔; I drove the 23 miles almost daily. Didn’t occur to me to compare cost of gas, but I could be lost in the books for the Lonley hours . I ordered every title from my library . They had a few. It was when the flood of those biographies hit the market.
    I went back to community mental health because it was all an artist could afford . So enthuastic , I couldn’t stop telling what my errfots and research had revealed. Idealistic me. Romantic me . You know, for me, having a high IQ , I could never relate why others were not on my same page . I always ended up back in front of Eagle and drawing board , expressing my love of color, nature flowing paintings. My subjects always acquired personalities. I couldn’t help it. Not planned, it just was in the finished work. I was awfull at getting bills paid, I failed, was used, robbed abused , conned out of everything I ever earned in my desire to be one with another human. I would love to have a platform to talk to parents of Aspergers children, and was it just me . In elementary school, here, my carrots are so much better than your cupcake, and I would flutter because it appeared to me you were recognizing me.
    Skip to my 65 th birthday, I registered for Medicare and went seeking a real PhD psychologist, neurologist , determined to have truth. Finally, idea, go to hospitol business office. I have made 50 phone calls and none take Medicare . Finally, at the top of the field, not the bottom , what I had come to expect. He put me through the 5 days of testing that Medicare would pay for , to qualify oldsters for dementia drugs, but he said there were enough areas of those tests that he could pull out a legal Aspergers diagnosis from.

    Now if there were any way I could help my 12 year old self understand that I was chum for sharks. That they could smell me. They befriended me, or romantically were saying they loved me and we were going to marry. The last one got my real estate because if I signed half my deeds to him, he was going to help me. He was a bank president. He owned a bank, I knew him for 30 years. Now I am in a federal suit against him , and the federal govt, our case dependent on outcome of Epstine case for govt not helping us, in spite of dozens of written reports , and in Virginia, two of his other victims and I have charged him with RICO.

    You know what I would pray for?that the writing of

    this, sending out to universe, an attorney would rise to engage with me who would use all my misery to fame the two cases into president law protecting people on the spectrum from cons. I try to tell that I am protected under Americans with disabilities….but in reality that is only wishful thinking. There is a mention in title I but no enforcement whatsoever ever. A crusade of a lawyer could make this federal case into front page …it is punishable by imprisonments to con a person on the spectrum. It is abuse. Bullying . Itis a lifetime. My husband and his Mother….his Mother , conned me out of what would be in today’s dollars millions. Creative, from Alexandria me, I looked around Houston in 1967. The potential to buy low and remodel old houses in Montgomery in Houston. I asked my Father for downpayments. Then I was handed the keys by my husband and I went to work with all the creative drive in me, learning , looking up plumbing and wiring in the library taking my babies with me and day and night plastering, painting, refinishing woodwork and cabinets. Yards 17 properties, and he and his Mother knew about closings and such so they went and she forged my name and eventually he said we had sold one. I was shocked and confused. He said if I didn’t understand maybe he needed to commit me. Fear. I always knew I didn’t always reach the same conclusions as others seemed to, and I was terrified of insanity and he read that . They were both psychopaths. I had three daughters and not reading people, and they being very good at their personas All the deeds were written to John DMahaffey and Victoria L Mahaffey. Her name was Verna Lowe Mahaffey I was 20 when we found a duplex, beautifull arches and tile roof, for 18 thousand and pleaded my case with my father, I can fix the upstairs and rent it for more than the mortgage and live for “ free downstairs. Hissalary wasn’t much, so living free gave us about a third of his income back in our budget. He gave me 15 a week to feed us If anyone is up for editing a book about living my life as bait, but my tangential thinking tops me at putting the memories out .
    For an attorney to create Federal law to protect, Virginia state law, South Carolina state law …I won once at South Carolina Supreme Court, but the change in laws my win created were all in the real estate laws. I didn’t have the legal diagnosis, and he will testify for me for 1;000 which I consider reasonable. I could help thousands on the spectrum. If the right judge was on the bench, one with anyone in their family on the spectrum , I could help everyone in the country. It is a damn shame to have to use fear of the law make a bank president, real estate broker now, a dozen more scams I can write out . The inability to read people tied a know with loneliness to make my belief system for years, the odds are this new fellow putting what I have now come to put the title love bombing on me. When he takes you into a jewelry store for a trial run”. To see which wedding rings I would choose , that is as f…caking cruel and manipulative as it gets. His con 21/2 million in loss to me . But case is only 800 thousand because paralegal won’t research, the 800 thousand was just plain easy . But in the taking of 800 thousand from a Wells Fargo loan, using my appraisal value, done by Wells Fargo of 975 k on my ocean front beach house I bought in 1991 for 140k. So all I had earned in my life he subsumed from me. The logic that by taking all the money from the loan he set up led directly to Wells Fargo foreclosing . I fought them off on predatory lending for 6 years. Imy daughter insisted she come pick me up to evacuate for hurricane Matthew. The Island was closed even to owners for about 10 days, I subconsciously knew not to leave, but succumbed to family believing they knew what was good for me. They moved in, and tore my home down yes they had ruthlessly achieved a gore loser, but even their lawyer in Columbia SC, they hired the firm in SC who had only lost the Phillip Morris caseproof in itselfthat Wells Fargo wanted to get rid of me, shut me up before one of these federal agencies I was reporting to might just pay attention to me , the Comptroller of the currency regulates banks and my paper trail of sending them evidence of what deal an officer of Wachovia bank, in Roanoke va, had made with bank president, John L Wynne Of Lynchburg va to use the loan as his personal line of credit for two years, then foreclose on me, paper trail, and when I was gone for hurricane, they tore down m house with my belongings into land fill. Do I have money to offer lawyers. No, but the damages they could win from Wells Fargo’s deep pockets, and John L Wynne worth 13 million we know of. One of the other women he scammed, one of three of us we found to file RICO She filed the federal suit because I told her to. She can type. I saw the Epstine brief was on Facebook, his brief, the night it was filed. I read and reread and called her at dawn. She got online paralegal and private eye licensee which got us access to his bank accounts and ability to see there exactly when he stole he deposited. She has a dog with a bone will. But we have no lawyer. I woke her up, said Chrystal, we have the same case. Retype his case, don’t plagerize, change up as much as you know how and file it today, because when it becomes obvious this is a loophole in the law their lawyer found and congress will seal it off immediately.
    I was so. Right just intuition, but 16 years in the legal system, intuition develops. IQ High, but ability to act, on my own, I can’t even type. I wrote hundreds of letters to federal agencies because I was powerless. I was sadly so naive I believed they would put him in prison prosecute Wells Fargo, put the banker in Roanoke in jail. Myreport to IRS broughta full investigation by two IRS agents in Roanoke. They prepared 27 wattents for arrest of John L Wynne. They delivered thento USAgin Roanoke. He received a call from attorney general to send the warrants to Washington. Of course I had reported to attorney general, well, the IRS agent was sent overnight to the back of beyondin West Virginia, they left Karen Dear in Roanoke. 27 warrants for his arrest. He was told John Wynne was part of a much bigger banking scam. Our case against him evaporated . 27 warrants and IRS agents can be subpoenaed to verify. He FBI supposedly would be closing in on him and half the rich men in middle Virginia, but guess what, judges were involved to . It was money laundering on a huge scale. The FBI apparentlydid not carrythrough and our USGA died. WITHout money, the va state trooper told us 12 women had reported John Wynne to them. He could not reveal to us who they were . It became apparent none of them were going to sue, to go after him other than reporting to Va State Police who just accumulated the reports . My knowledge of him leads me to conclude they were richer women, possibly married , that if they were reporting he had gotten money from them , they were willing to subsume their own loss rather than the publicity . My tangential thinking patterns get worse when I tire. To just report one incident. Someone else edit . I never sat out intending to write any of this. Then as I realized you were big, National, might just have lawyers chomping at he bit to bring protective laws, I know from the onewin at SC Supreme Court, that is what is necessary to change the law, and there are super sharp attorneys chomping at the bit to have the privilege of changing law for the better for helpless, powerless persons on the spectrum

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