Ra Vashtar They/Them or He/Him ASD, ADHD. Ra Vashtar is a visual artist, illustrator, writer, and self-described "monster rights activist." Currently Ra works in blogging, monster adoptions, commissioned illustration, video game art assets, and shirt designs for the Hot Topic Creator Program. They find joy and meaning in designing creatures that show even things that are a little different deserve love. Sometimes we all feel like monsters, but monsters are symbols of power and change. Ra is trans nonbinary and bisexual, and believes in advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ and neurodiverse communities through education and visibility. A fiery and funny extrovert, Ra found that through going first and speaking up, plenty of other monsters often echoed out from the shadows, inspired by not being alone. Special interests: horror and monsters, middle eastern mythology, ancient Egypt, ferrets, criminal psychology, and fire.

Spectrum Critters Comics: What is Masking?

Even the Spectrum Critters have to deal with the expectations of masking sometimes, but it doesn’t change who they are! You are perfect just the way you are, too.

Spectrum Critters Comics: Sensory Needs

The Spectrum Critters all have different sensory needs because they all have different ways they see, hear, and feel the world! They want you to know that the way you see things is great too.

Spectrum Critters Comics: Your Voice

The Spectrum Critters are back with a message about the difficulty of using your voice. Whether your voice is loud or quiet, written or spoken– or not words at all, the way you communicate is unique and valuable! There’s always someone who needs to hear from you.

Ra Vashtar: OKEQ July 2020 Art Show

Hello, my name is Ra Vashtar, and I’m an autistic artist who’s happy to present my first solo gallery showing, hosted locally and virtually by Oklahomans for Equality.

Poetry: Pride

Artist Ra Vashtar shares a poem reflecting on his LGBTQ+ experience and his solidarity with POC and other marginalized groups.

Poetry: Crossed Wire’s Song

Autistic artist and writer, Ra Vashtar, shares “Crossed Wire’s Song,” a poem about being different, accompanied by “mind not to scale.” an art piece exploring the experience of a mind that feels too big.

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