I have learned many things as an autism advocate. 

I’ve learned that autism is real no matter how hidden or invisible it is on the surface. I have learned advocacy. I cannot quiet the inner voice in my head anymore.

There is a voice that says to me “you need to talk about ASD and voice your truth.”

One person’s truth is just that. One person only. I think I kept this voice quiet for so long because I was not diagnosed until late in life and I also felt that people would not believe me if I was honest.

Only by voicing my autism truth do I feel my best.

I cannot be quiet anymore.

Autism has a voice if you let it out.

As part of my own autism advocacy “voice”, I have written children’s book, “Logan’s Autism Adventure.”  My book has a new voice of engaging with a younger crowd and is the opposite side of me of wanting to focus on what supports are lacking for adults.

Thank you for hearing my voice.

-Katherine Gallagher

I am thrilled to be working with The Neurodiverse Universe to fundraise.  Please check it out, buy a shirt or make a donation and share.

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