Four Words: You Need to Change

Beginning when he was young, and throughout is life, John was told that he needed to change. This forced him to resent and feel ashamed of being autistic. Here’s how he found the soil to grow in the light of acceptance.

How Do You Ask Your Crush Out?

Resident diva and listmaker extraordinaire Patrick Magpie, unsure in all of his inherent awkwardness, asked some friends about how to approach a crush.

The Joys of Working Within Your Tribe

When one workplace was a little too ideal and socially-seamless to be realistic, one woman shared her diagnosis with her coworkers. This is what happened.

Why I Choose Autistic Pride

A woman of color stands resolute against a wall, her face proud, her eyes closed. Her shirt reads, "Fragile. Who?"

Growing up, I was acutely aware that I did not belong. The proverbial elephant in the room, my identity was carved out of all the things I definitely was not. I was no one in any books or movies I watched. I was nowhere in conversations about what I could and could not do. I […]

Wanting to be Alone and Together: A Paradox

I have had a recurring dream since I was a young child. I dreamt it quite often between the ages of about 8 to 14, and I still think about it occasionally. It’s only recently however that I’ve reflected upon what this dream actually says about my psyche. The dream goes something like this. I […]

7 Cool Aspects of Autistic Culture

When you are autistic, you spend much of your life feeling very alone. No one can understand why you are melting down because someone bought Old Dutch brand chips instead of Ruffles.  People get impatient with you when you refuse to touch your shoelaces to tie them. No one else in the room seems to […]