The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

Autism neurodiversity
Autism neurodiversity

About NeuroClastic, Inc.

We are a collective of neurodivergents cataloguing the experience, insights, knowledge, talents, and creative pursuits of autistics.  We hope to build a repository of information about the lived exploits, inner lives, Work, soul, interests, and culture of the neurodivergent spirit.

Our Contributors

Those who publish with NeuroClastic, Inc. are almost exclusively autistic. Sometimes a contributor is an ally who is not autistic but is otherwise neurodivergent. Occasionally, we publish articles from allies who have specialized experience or knowledge or who have volunteered their time in order to help us with projects.

Our goal is to represent the autistic experience in its broad diversity, and we actively recruit contributors from diverse backgrounds and circumstances.

NeuroClastic does not monitor or endorse the private lives, social media accounts, businesses, or affiliations of contributors. We determine what to publish based on the content of the article and the value it brings to the community. 

Articles written by contributors contain the personal opinions and preferences of autistic individuals. Publication of contributions are not an endorsement of the content of the article and do not always reflect the positions of our organization.

At times, NeuroClastic publishes author perspectives that are unique to the individual or that may not represent the majority opinions of the autistic community or those of our administrators and executive board.

Our Vision for the Future of NeuroClastic

If you are autistic, your vision is our vision. We want to fold your ideas, dreams, special interests, talents, and insights into our trajectory. We have goals of using this platform to support autistic business owners, scientists, authors, performers, and artists in the pursuit of contributing something meaningful to the Greater Good.

We hope to build upon and accelerate the momentum that activists and visionaries for human rights have been fueling for all of human history. We are the embodiment of that Movement in the spirit of self-advocacy. We seek to empower neurodivergents to better know themselves, to connect with others, to network, to be validated, to lend their voices, and to contribute to the empowerment of other marginalized populations.

We are planning to put out tangible resources to help those seeking diagnosis, advocating for a child’s rights in education, seeking equal opportunity in employment settings, finding a path to a sustainable and rewarding life, obtaining therapeutic supports, and managing the struggles unique to the autistic neurotype.


We believe that neurodiversity means that autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other neurodevelopmental conditions are naturally-occuring divergence from typical neurology, and that it is not a “diseased” or “broken” way of existing. We also acknowledge that co-morbid conditions and social or environmental conditions can be challenging or disabling.

We believe in telling truths and exposing myths.

We believe that advocating for ourselves empowers others to do the same. By others, we mean all others, regardless of neurology.

We believe that neurotypical allies are indispensable and enthusiastically welcome their comments, suggestions, support, and readership. Please know that we love and embrace our neurotypical allies and acknowledge that their support is necessary and vital to our access to progress. For more information on being an ally, click here.

We believe that the academic, medical, and behavioral science communities need to consult with autistics before designing research, treatment, therapeutic supports, and educational materials related to autism.

We believe that ABA and other therapeutic interventions which seek to force autistic children and adults to conform to neurotypical standards are abusive and should be rejected.

We believe that adjusting curricula and professional obligations to suit the autistic neurotype will allow autistics to meet their full potential and bring valuable contributions to the human condition and the environment. We believe this is a basic human right which should be honored and doing so benefits all mankind by adding diversity of thought and perspective to innovation and operations.

We believe that prejudices and biases prevent adults, women, racial minorities, and the poor from obtaining an accurate diagnosis of autism and from obtaining equal access to needed supports.

We believe that all autistics have value which cannot and should not be measured by neurotypical standards of ability. This includes acknowledging strengths outside of neurotypical norms and respecting the limitations of invisible conditions.

We believe that racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, anti-Semitism, ableism, and all other forms of bigotry and supremacy are inexcusable.