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Non-Speaker and Speller Links


Who is a NonSpeaker?
A NonSpeaker is a person who cannot use speech in a reliable or fluent way and includes people with no speech, those with minimal speech, and those with unreliable speech.

Why not say “Non-Verbal”?*
See D.J. Savarese’s answer to the preference for “NonSpeaking” over “Non-Verbal” at this link: NonSpeaking ≠ NonVerbal

*Note: This is the language preference of the majority, but any individual should be respected for choosing to self-identify with whatever language they choose.

Social Media & Blogs

  • Ido in Autismland (Ido Kedar)
  • Uniquely Hari (Hari Srinivasan)
  • Emma’s Hope Book (Emma Zurcher-Long)
  • Rhema’s Hope (Rhema)
  • Jordyn’s “Rocky” Journey (Jordyn Pallett)
  • Tim Chan
  • Dare to Listen (Graciela)
  • Faith, Hope, and Love…With Autism (Philip Reyes)
  • Not Too Trapped in My Head Anymore (Pablo Hernandez)
  • Diego M. Peña
  • Not Raingirl (Peri)
  • Mitchell’s Life with Autism (Mitchell Robins)
  • Typing 4 Change (Dillan Barmarche)
  • LifeLine (Kaegan Smith)
  • Josh and His Praying Heart on Autism (Josh Berkau)
  • Inside the Autistic Mind (Ashish Jain)
  • Sarah Stup, her autism, her writings (Sarah Stup)
  • Utterly Mark (Mark Utter / Utter Communication Strategies)
  • rpmwithcoco (Coco Aysseh)
  • Niko Boskovic
  • Unlocking My Potential (Ian Aronow)
  • Hear Me Speak Without A Voice (Kaylie Clinton)
  • Returning James (James Potthast)
  • I am in my head (Ryan)
  • Jacob’s Voice (Jacob Harbin)
  • The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks (Gregory Tino)
  • A Zaney Life (Jeni Canaday) 
  • Kit Autie
  • This Is Me Noah (Noah Seback)
  • Young Man Replete With Love (Wyatt)
  • The Boy Who Learned to Speak Without a Voice (Brian)
  • Musings of A Beginner’s Mind (Alex LePape)
  • Rishi’s Totally Optimistic Journey!! (Rishi Jena & Sherrie Banerjee)
  • Josh and His Praying Heart On Autism (Josh)
  • Akha Khumalo: In My Own Words (Akha Khumalo)
  • Ben B. – “My Own Words: Reflections of a Non-Speaking Autistic” (Ben B.)
  • 1 Key 2 Change (Jackson)
  • Ballastexistenz (Mel Baggs)
  • As Small As A World And As Large As Alone
  • The Truth About Autism (Imane Boukaila)
  • Danny With Words (Danny Whitty)
  • Anantha’s Musings (Anantha Krishnamurthy)
  • Ashish Speaks (Ashish Jain)
  • My Beautiful Autistic Mind (Julia Griffith)
  • my silent voice/ my stil stem (Nicolaas Paulsen)
  • Silent e (Austin McLendon)
  • Fox Talks With Letters (Fox Bailey)
  • Life With a Boy Named Brayden (Brayden Morrison)
  • Forrest Sargent
  • Sinking Into Popular Thoughts (Rohit)
  • Opinions Learned from RPM and Autism (Ann)
  • Cindi’s Blog (Cindi)
  • Matteo’s Loving Blog
  • Danson’s Discoveries (Danson Wambua)
  • Roses are Red for Autism (Henry)
  • My Blog on Autism (Huan Vuong)
  • Jeremy’s Vision (Jeremy Sicile-Kira)
  • Autism Astronaut (Sameer Dahar)
  • Listen to the Mustn’ts (Charlie & Shel Silverstein)
  • Joey Lowenstein’s Blog
  • Harris Family Blogspot for Autism, RPM, and More!
  • Returning James
  • Hope, Expression, and Education for Individuals with Severe Disabilities (HEED)(Lenae Crandall)
  • Different not less (Luke B.)
  • Bella’s Walk
  • Charles Blake
  • Sophie’s World
  • Grant Blasko
  • Mitchell’s Life With Autism (Mitchell Robins)
  • Trying To Open Hearts To Truth  (Joshua)
  • Autism Atmosphere (Owen)
  • Sabrina Guerra, Nonspeaking Advocate for Change

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