Ban Electroshock Therapy

The Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts, has been using electroshock behavior “therapy” on disabled children and adults for 30 years. This practice has been heavily protested. In March of 2020, the FDA issued a ban of using electroshock on disabled people. However, this ban was quickly overturned by the Federal Court of Appeals on the grounds that the FDA did not have the authority to make such a decision.

The United Nations has declared the use of electroshock to be torture, yet this practice continues to be legal.


We asked the Autistic community how they feel about the use of electroshock as punishment for disabled children and adults.
Here are some of their responses:

It is really messed up. Especially seeing that shocking a DOG is banned but shocking ANOTHER PERSON IS FINE.Anonymous
Horrified. This is obviously child abuse and assault.Anonymous
It is truly horrifying. These children are people – they’re human beings with the same worth and feelings as any other person. Autistic behaviors are not something to be punished for, let alone TORTURED for. Everyone exists and behaves in their own unique way, and JRC’s attempt to change a person by abusing them in countless ways is disturbing to say the least.V Souza

See here for more survey responses.

Take Action Now

Please call your representative if you can!
Phone calls are the most effective way for your voice to be heard directly by your representative.

We acknowledge that making calls is very difficult or impossible for some autistic people.
Thank you to those who can. Please see other forms of communicating with lawmakers below.

More Ways to Take Action Here

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