Majestic Smokey Mountains

By Rishi Jena

Majestic Heights Reached
Regal bearing on Throne
Heroes among Others
Tired of standing Tall?
Proud to love resolutely!
Mists swirling through Peaks
Wisps of steam from teacup
Doubts enveloping mind??
The Insides are Insulated
Perfectly Pure Light!!
Kaleidoscope of Colors
Rainbow of Hope
Intricate fabric of Life
Optimism facing Future
Insecure about lasting Love!!
Embraced with thick Foliage
Forests of Imagination
United with Natural Forces
Purge all your Doubts
Majestic Heights Reached!!
(Image is of Smokey Mountains, aerial view, on a cloudy day)

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21 Responses

  1. Lovely writing . Loved the lines
    “ optimism facing future
    Insecure about lasting love

  2. Adore your writing Rishi. You are so gifted & prolific. God bless you dear. So proud of you!

  3. Truly brings out the details as you observed during recent trip . Great job . Keep it up

  4. Well done rishi – great poem and thoughts. All power to you. We are rooting for you to reach greater heights just like the mountains

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