The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

The Autism Spectrum
According to Autistic People


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If not electroshock at the Judge Rotenberg Center, then what? Try access to communication

Proponents of the Judge Rotenberg Center’s use of electroshock as punishment on disabled children and adults claim that nothing else works. What about access to appropriate communication?

Poetry: Lullaby (To a newborn autistic baby)

Anantha Krishnamurthy, 13-year-old nonspeaking poet, writes a powerful and moving lullaby that would launch a world-changing paradigm shift if adopted.

The Hidden Rooms in my Mind

RPM enabled me to communicate and express myself after 22 years of being misunderstood and unable to communicate. This is my first longer piece of work trying to describe my mind to people. It took me many sessions to write.

We are capable and deserving of an education

Chris Finnes is a nonspeaking autistic who was bored with being taught the same simple lessons over and over in a school for students with disabilities. He later met Soma Mukhopadhyay and learned to communicate using RPM. Now, he wants to help others gain access to age-appropriate education.

A pile of pins with in red white and blue that read "vote." Article by nonspeaking RPM speller Kwame R. Brobbey

Voting Rights Are Automatically Revoked for Some Disabled People

Kwame R. Brobbey is a nonspeaker who uses a letterboard to communicate. When his mother obtained guardianship, they had to hire a lawyer to avoid having his voting rights revoked.

Justice for Xavier Hernandez: Texas School Still Practicing Illegal Restraints after Killing Young Autistic Man

After killing a young autistic man with a deadly restraint, a bystander films employees from the same school casually performing brutal restraints on a fourth grade girl as she screams in terror.

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