The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

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Angry Political Autistics: On the link between white supremacy, privilege, and systemic oppression

As an Autistic PoC, I couldn’t help but think about how differently civil rights protests are treated when initiated by PoC who were sick of being killed, abused, unheard, and dismissed– while speaking out against white supremacy, privilege, and the systemic wrongs that are perpetuated in connection with these hateful mediums.

Active disablement of minorities

In a W.E.I.R.D. culture where autistic people are pathologised, it can be helpful to point to reflections on culture made by outsiders and members of minorities who are marginalised and often persecuted.

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What would a healthy society look like?

The definition of normality in the industrial era is based on the metaphor of society as a factory and on the metaphor of people as machines. Our laws and social norms have been shaped by these metaphors to a far greater extent than most people are able to comprehend without an in-depth explanation.

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Social Stories for Autism and the Harm They Can Cause

Social stories should be for the whole class, because that is what inclusion means. They should focus on the values that drive cooperation and embrace difference. Social stories should encourage inclusion, and that means trying to find ways to include everyone and addressing those most likely to create a culture of exclusion.

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Breaking News: Matthew Rushin has been offered a pardon

After a long and emotional fight, a pardon has been issued for Matthew Rushin, a Black autistic man who was sentenced to fifty years for a car accident.

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Autistic People Care Too Much, Research Says

A research article concluded that autistic people cared too much about others, citing inflexibility to be an issue by following moral code even when individual gains are high. In my personal opinion as an autistic person, I would argue that the non-autistic participants did not weight the negative consequences of their actions enough, and simply chose individual benefit over other people.