The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

Autism neurodiversity
Autism neurodiversity
this is a silly picture of a vulnerable plant, but this alt text is for Zane. Communication rights rock. I hate Donald Trump, too. This is a really bad poem.

A poem that shouldn’t exist and isn’t a real poem anyway

This is a poem that isn’t a poem, a defiance against an order, a declaration that shouldn’t exist because some places are not meant to be profaned by words.

Review: Lulu is a Rhinoceros… Plus an April Sneak Peak

Lulu Is a Rhinoceros is a children’s picture book about a Rhinoceros who looks like a bulldog. It’s a mighty and subversive story about living authentically in a culture that values assimilation.

Banning autistic “conversion therapy” in NZ

The New Zealand government is already committed to banning gay conversion therapy. The time for change is now. Register your support for banning all forms of “conversion therapy” in New Zealand.

Young boy sitting in an empty space looking sad and a clock sits on a table beside him indicating time-out. Text reads HB 0219 would ban restraint and seclusion in illinois schools

These Illinois Schools Prefer to Endanger Their Disabled Students

Neurodivergent Illinois state Rep. Jonathan Carroll introduced HB 0219 to ban restraint and seclusion in Illinois schools, but some schools are fighting for the torture of school children.