When Autism and Grief Collide

This beautiful and touching article explores grief through an autistic lens and how autistic people experience grief differently.

Tal Anderson: Finding My Voice through Acting

“The acting and improv training was a tool that I used to get me to the place where I am now – a place where I have a voice and I am confident enough to use it.”

Expanding my comfort zone

I realize that there’s a lot going on right now that doesn’t fit anywhere in my comfort zone. It has made me outrageously uncomfortable. Through

Image features three notes which read love yourself to say that when you are autistic and different you can find self-love and self-care even if society has stigma and negative messaging and ableism for people on the spectrum autism spectrum disorders asperger's aspie

Ask Myk: On Self-Love in an Ableist World

The first of a bi-monthly column with Myk, this article explores the concept of loving yourself despite the ableism in social messaging about autistic people.

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