Poetry: My Fault

I always feel things that go wrong are my fault.
I can never seem to do anything right.
The world is not designed for people like me.

I cannot fit into the box everyone seems to want me in.
I don't really want to try fitting.
Upsetting as it is I am ready.
To just be me.

If the world would just have me.
Freedom from guilty thoughts.
Freedom from blame.
Freedom from expectations.
Ready to dream.

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7 Responses

  1. Great poem Trevor. I am autistic, verbal, with many advantages… I have a job, children,…. I feel like this too. Jackie

  2. Trevor, thank you for sharing your thoughts and voicing your emotions so concisely and compellingly. I too wish this world, or rather this society, would open itself up to the enriching diversity of our world. please keep sharing if only you feel like it ✨

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  3. That is a lovely poem Trevor and so heartfelt. Nothing is your fault Trevor, so try to stop feeling that way. You have a wonderful gift for communicating with the world so keep on writing! I bet that you do some art work as well? I’m thinking that it is a shame that the government (for monetary reasons of course!) wants everyone to fit into the same mold. While we read and see a lot of advertisements out there about celebrating diversity, it really isn’t happening or being experienced in our every day lives. I can’t even begin to tell you everything that my son had to go through in school and out while he was growing up with Asperger’s syndrome. Life is difficult enough for people on the spectrum why does society have to make things harder?

  4. Thanks Trevor for capturing the pain of guilt, guilt for things not your fault. I am autistic. I like to think of myself as perfect in the invisible world us neurodivergents inhabit. You are there too, and are exactly as you were meant to be. Perfect too, with a message the seen world desperately needs to hear. Take courage, keep blogging.

  5. Wow, great poem. I really appreciate the line “If the world would just have me.” It wrappes up the all the pain, that so many people can relate to for the yearing of acceptance.

    While sad to hear you carry the weight and criticism of the world on your shoulders I also appericated your proclimation of “Upsetting as it is I am ready.
    To just be me.”

    I read this as; That through all the difficulty, dispite the weight of it, it is worth it to it to be yourself.

    Thank you for your vulnerability and poetry!

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