• Picture of five women, each with unconventional hair and attire, looking simultaneously sexual and child-like.

    How the manic pixie dream girl harms autistic women

    These tropes can be frustratingly repetitive, they can also be downright harmful. Of all the basic tropes that grace our screens, few are more concerning than the manic pixie dream girl.

  • Daniel Maskit, an autistic man, stands on a TedX Talk stage and gives a speech about autism

    Writing About Talking About Communicating When Autistic

    I think that everyone who is autistic has wanted at times to get a group of neurotypical people to listen while you explain to them what being autistic is really like. From that perspective, being able to give a TedX talk was a bit of a fantasy come to life. 

  • The Double Standard: On Growing Up Autistic

    Conversion therapy, aspie supremacy, and diagnosis denial before age ten, and then came the shame and masking. Eventually, there was enlightenment, acceptance, activism, and pride.

  • Four Words: You Need to Change

    Beginning when he was young, and throughout is life, John was told that he needed to change. This forced him to resent and feel ashamed of being autistic. Here’s how he found the soil to grow in the light of acceptance.

  • Faith and Neurodivergence

    A minister expresses their relationship with working with Neurodivergent people and states that they have been sold a lie that says people have to hide who they are to be loved by the Divine.

  • Butterfly in a Blender

    Indelibly autistic is a state of being, a joyous intensity of grace. It is a sensory wonderland in many ways. A universal exploratory foray into the patterns that make our existence so spectacularly cool.

My family is aware of my autism. It doesn't mean that they accept it. I was aware of my autism. It didn't mean that I accepted it. Society is aware of autism. It doesn't equal acceptance in society.