• Our Golden Moment! Five ways to support the autistic community in April

    So it’s the first of April and right now the last thing on people’s minds is autism awareness. But that really needs to change, since now during this pandemic we need people to be aware of the needs of disabled and neurodivergent people more than ever.

    It’s simply a fact that people in the autistic community are far more vulnerable to communicable diseases and are going to have a far harder time coping with lockdowns and restrictions than the average individual. Knowing what they need right now is more important than ever before. read more

  • Book cover that reads Rest Easy My Love a bedtime book to be read in the daytime. book for autistic kids children with autism asd on the spectrum

    Free eBook for Your Autistic Kids: Rest Easy My Love

    Neurodivergent children deal with a lot of anxiety. In times of rationing, this book is to help children understand some resources never run out.

  • Tips for Accesibility in Public Events

    Neura offers practical, actionable tips for making your events and spaces more accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities.

  • Brief Musings on Autism Awareness vs. Acceptance

    This was when I realised that the narrative needed to change and noticed that other autistic advocates online felt the same way I did: we didn’t need more awareness, we needed acceptance.

  • #CoronaVirus: All the Dead are Victims of Ableism

    The global pandemic of COVID-19 has put all of us in a place where we have to face the truth of ableism and placing humanity in a hierarchy.

  • How Whole Groups Subconsciously Villainize an Innocent Outsider

    It’s not uncommon for a whole group of reasonable, otherwise “good” people to decide collectively that an innocent person is a threat. Here’s how.