• Book Review: Becoming Vulnerable by Joshua Corwin

    David Gray-Hammond reviews Joshua Corwin’s poetry anthology, Becoming Vulnerable, a collection of poems documenting the experience of being an autistic addict and finding recovery.

  • First Statement from Matthew on Body Cam:Officers knew he lost consciousness

    Body cam transcript from Matthew’s first recorded interaction with law enforcement at the scene of the crash. They said it was a murder-suicide attempt. You be the judge.

  • Autistic Vs Neurotypical Perception: People react to facial expressions

    In an informal social experiment, I spotted autistic people and non-autistic people the same four images of faces. Their reactions were similar for two people and dramatically different for two. Here’s how.

  • Drummer symbolizing someone perhaps autistic stepping to the beat of their own drum

    Desperate for Change: Will That Spark Destruction or Self-Discovery?

    Sometimes you want to set fire to the world, to disrupt normalcy, to disrupt your own identity. This desire for change can be destructive or it can lead to self-discovery.

  • Ra Vashtar: OKEQ July 2020 Art Show

    Hello, my name is Ra Vashtar, and I’m an autistic artist who’s happy to present my first solo gallery showing, hosted locally and virtually by Oklahomans for Equality.

  • Matthew Rushin, My Bias, and Your Bias

    Let’s take a journey to unpack our biases and see how they impact basic human rights.

Self-hate is a tricky thing to talk about for me. When I look back and realize how long I have sat with that resentment towards myself, it's a wonder that I have held it together as long as I have. I am continuously appreciative of the autistic community and their continued support. Without it, I don't think I would have made it this far.