Spectrum Critters Comics: Sensory Needs

The Spectrum Critters all have different sensory needs because they all have different ways they see, hear, and feel the world! They want you to know that the way you see things is great too.

You can read the original bios of the Spectrum Critters Here.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have a topic you want to see covered by the Spectrum Critters!

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  1. Yep, “Sometimes what we need depends on how we feel” to an even greater degree when other neurological, endocrine, mitochondrial, diseases and disorders are happening in addition to autism.
    Related to that, and probably enmeshed with it, is, ‘Sometimes what we can do depends on how we feel’.

    Let’s take what 20 to 30 minutes ago became yesterday, for example.
    Saturday mornings are our local Creative Writers Group meetings at a locally owned bake shop.
    Every other Saturday morning is our local model train club meeting, and then usually several people hang out to work on stuff on the club railroad layout.
    Both were stopped for the last several months and just recently restarted.

    In the morning I was fresh and ready for the group interaction and visiting and the creative energy.
    After that I bought carry out lunch at another shop in our little burg’s downtown then went over to model train club to see what might be going on. Two people were leaving and two were staying.
    We had been pretty lively at writers group for our 2 hour meeting which meant I used a lot of energy there, so I sat and quietly visited with the guy at model train club for a couple hours as they worked on projects.

    Then it was time to go home & by the time I got home having any music on was too much stimulation for how physically tired I was. Ended up napping from 5pm to 10pm.
    It was a welcome thing that my 2 cats tend not to crank up the tunes, after all, they have no thumbs.

    Now I’m awake for a while in the middle of the night with one cat here on desk between my arms, the other curled up on a box rising above the back of the couch. And playing at low volume here on the computer is “Calm Piano Music 24/7: study music, focus, think, meditation, relaxing music” by a YouTube channel named Relaxdaily. Most other music would be too many different sounds happening at too fast a pace for how tired my body and being are currently.

    Even though my preference would be to not become this tired after only that activity I’m okay with how I got this tired; the activity and interaction met needs which have proven to not get fulfilled by other means. It also helps that our little farm burg is only about 3 miles wide and not much driving is involved to get between activity and home.

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