Short story: How Curious

A story by Amelia Jane

It is night in Nostalla and Laurie lays in bed. She wonders to herself, how he is doing without her. Maybe he is happy without her, perhaps he is depressed. He moved on so fast.

Laurie hides how much she needs him, and his touch. “Imagine he is lost without me,” Laurie thinks. “I wonder how it all fell apart,” Laurie added.

In the dark of the night is when it gets the worst. Laurie drifts to sleep.

As she rises, she seems to forget how she longs for him. Into the day Laurie does what she does in Nostalla. In her mind she is lonely, maybe she will run into him. Just to catch a glimpse of those honey filled eyes.

“He’s gone now,” she reminds herself. Gone to serve in the war.

“Notice the mailbox!” shouts her friend.

She sees it. The dreadful yellow letter.

She rushes to the mailbox and grabs the letter so hastily. She reads to find he is MIA. Missing in action.

She falls to the ground as if her legs don’t work.

“He’s gone,” she keeps whispering.

“How curious” he mumbles to himself, because he was here all along.

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7 Responses

  1. “Nostalla” makes me think of the word “nostalgia” and Laurie’s longing for a lost love feels like that. Also, I get a sense that maybe he has died and his ghost is with her. Maybe he doesn’t know he is dead and simply knows that he is always by her side, even if she can’t perceive him. This is a sad but beautiful story.

  2. Beautiful writing style. I didn’t expect the twist at the end. I liked how so much inferencing was needed, rather than just telling the reader straight out.

  3. This is an immediately immersive story. So much heavy lifting is done with just a few words. Very well done!

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