A Nonspeaker’s Letter to Young Autistics,

Hello all,

There once was a time when communicating was nearly impossible for me, then the letterboard changed my life. I want people to know that there are a multitude of ways people can communicate. I mainly use a letterboard, although lots of autistics have other ways.

I have learned that communicating is much more than words that are verbally spoken. I was known for communicating with my eyes and facial expressions long before I could communicate via a letterboard.

I am here to show and tell people that it is possible to communicate and make a difference in the world, without physically speaking.

Is it hard? Of course- but to have the thoughts in your head verbally said to the world is incredibly rewarding. Please don’t give up. It is possible and can happen!

Coming from me, Ben Breaux, a nonspeaking autistic.

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5 Responses

    1. Lisa:

      Congratulations on your presidency to AutCom.

      She can submit her poetry to UNRESTRICTED INTEREST.

      Each week Chris Martin makes a Substack displaying or showcasing one Speller poet.
      The Substack is called THE LISTENING POET.

      There are chapbooks made by Unrestricted Interest – last week’s was by Gosh. And the week before was about Justice.

      I know several other literary magazines like MISSING PERSPECTIVES.

      And one other I discovered in a university press. HYADES MAGAZINE. [edited by M T Ahmed]

      And I just remembered a publisher: Girls on Key.

      NeuroClastic would have lots of opportunities – there is a big directory of authors and visual and performing artists.


      best wishes to your student.

  1. I have a Speller who is not yet openly communicating. Any suggestions on getting to open communication sooner. Please explain how I can give my son/speller the confidence he needs to move forward

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