A nonspeaking autistic teen’s reflections on the global pandemic

The world was not ready for a pandemic because of the granted comforts. This is happening as a cause-effect in the social world. Sometimes, I feel like the days were happier and healthier when there was no electricity, only a small house with the oil lantern at night with our sun as our only light source.

Social gatherings were limited to few families in a small village. Diseases were fatal, but that didn’t disturb the structure of the country. So, let’s come back to this socially accepted life which is prone to many epidemics or few pandemics.

The first time we heard of Corona, it felt like an earthquake in an ocean which cannot be seen until the ripple affects the shore with a huge wave of Tsunami. One should see early signs of danger to keep themselves away or as far as possible.

COVID is a venomous snake. One should slither away slowly and carefully. This may be tough for humans, who are party animals.

In December 2019, I was officially a teenager, which flushed me with mixed emotions of joy and erupted volcano-like frustration.

That was just the beginning of a dramatic and scary year. The year 2020 is a rare year filled with many shades of life, like resentment of many hours of work and multitasking. This shows the values that matter and habits that have overloaded your life.

The pandemic has led many lives to go to a restful sleep. Few people are left behind with no father, mother, sister, brother, or grandparents. This reminds us not to take your loved ones for granted.

This illustrates: “Life is not a race to win, but a journey to cherish.”

Have your loved ones in your heart and compassion towards the world that you see.
The summer of 2020 was not so fun, as a cloud of fear was surrounded around the world. Sometimes I think fear is likely the driver behind the pandemic. If a person might be very sick, but they are fearless, is the body’s response to the pathogen highly non-invasive?


Calm mind, clear thoughts
Rips away the fear thoughts.
Mindfulness ample time,
Dedicate the lonely fear away from your life.

This fear is not over yet, the world is slowly affected by the fear. India to Guinea Islands, Brazil to Italy, every corner of the world is connected!

This pandemic proves the fact that ‘We as a human society are on the blue planet which is very in sync.’ I hope this should continue for better causes like global warming and calming the radical groups that create a disturbance in the peace of human life.

The year 2020 was highly concentrated on a spiritual level of living. When your body is going through challenging times of boredom and fewer distractions, the spiritual level of human is activated. It is very important to choose the correct path to be in a blissful state.

The starting point was not so hard to relax. However, the body was not able to relax due to the anxiety being multiplied by the news and social media.

One is scared or anxious when they are notified about the possible dangers next door or at your favorite grocery store. Then it’s time to start anti-social behaviors towards your own mankind, which is bizarre. The time has come when humans are terrified to say “hi” to another one but feels good looking at a wild animal.
Corona has manipulated the basics of human beings as social animals.


The pandemic is really sick.
Let’s all together help us out with a huge kick.
You will have to stop the urge to lick.
Careless fellows are going to be smacked by this fatal tic.

These hours of isolation and lone time have pushed the limits of the human brain. The online possibilities of endless event started from birthdays to patient visits. My body is a happy place to accept any challenge which helps me to distract my brain from the dead noise that bothers me.

I have learned to ride a rip stick and mastered it as a result of ample time granted by the shutdown and the pandemic fear. Now I miss my yellow friend with 4 to 6 wheels that waved good morning and picked me to drop at my school filled with friendly teachers.

I had hoped the situation would change by September. I was eagerly waiting for the system to reopen schools and professions to come to normalcy.

This is a very rare life lesson for humans by Mother Earth. Please take care of her otherwise she will lose her patience and the consequences are very fatal.

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4 Responses

  1. Mr. Bhagavatula,

    I enjoyed reading your story and multiple perspectives of the continuing Covid Pandemic.
    You write so very well and your details conveyed throughout your text are appreciated.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. ‘Sometimes, I feel like the days were happier and healthier when there was no electricity, only a small house with the oil lantern at night with our sun as our only light source.’
    This is a good point, and also it’s why I want to have a homestead in the future and feel I will be happy there.

  3. It is true that all people were healthier at the time after hand washing or soap has been invented, and before the 1970s. I am not sure about the health of the 1960s but in the 1950s housewofes still made their foods in the necessecary way. You should see shelves of glass jars in which fruit and vegetables have been stored with salt or other methods which provides infinite preservation without refrigeration, but more importantly this provides one of #1 most important items or “nutrients” for the human body, which is symbiotic bacteria. A very high stress level causes cortisol which also kills the bacteria and even physicians know that constant stress will cause or worsen a disease. By being outside to have vitamin D as well as going outside and finding strangers or acquaintences quickly, times of stress are much more likely to be reduced if you need a human or an open park as the most effective way to do so. We also did not have people wanting to kidnap other people’s children for stupid reasons (such as asking police to kidnap the children only because the children are playing at the park), and less arresting of people for stupid reasons, so for the millions of victims of these things it is permanently their entire life which has less stress. Usually, if I talk to anyone from any other country except for India and Africa, they are astoundingy disappointed and sometimes even want to leave America, because in these countries you can have friends without making an appointment. Nigerians seem to be able to talk to some neighbors here in America because they are “stiff” about it, and in India it is crowded so you will probably be glad for less people. So if someone does not talk to others anymore it is true that their physical health will be failing and it was already failing before then because American society does not have the friendliness to begin with. Most people are loving their lives normally today except for increased medical discrimination and government buildings and a small amount of other categories being closed, so if this teen notices that people are healthier during a crisis when they stay together, it is true as long as it isn’t killing 20% of the population including all ages OR if the illness is all people act normally except those who actually have the illness are staying away. It is true so if this teen feels that way he can live his life normally as well. Having Covid19 is not stressful but having no human contact at all is extremely stressful even to autistics (especially if someone has recently mistreated you so the contact you need to have is with someone better then the bad person), and makes you more likely to have any illness or disease because stress makes cortisol and cortisol in large amounts prevents the immune system from working.

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