Amelia Jane

Amelia Jane
Amelia Jane is a 13 year old non-speaking autistic, with a lot to say. Amelia lives in Australia with her family by the beach. Amelia was homeschooled for many years using RPM (Rapid Prompting Method), including the 3 years she lived in Austin Texas. Amelia loves travelling, horse riding, maths, creative writing and writing to her RPM pen-pal. She is looking forward to beginning some classes at secondary school.

Poetry: The Nest

Nonspeaking poet Amelia Jane longs for her voice to be heard. Her winged thoughts perch on the mind and sing of triumph.

Short story: How Curious

Amelia Jane is a 13-year-old nonspeaking autistic writer. This short piece can be interpreted many ways. What do you think it means?

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