David Gray-Hammond

David Gray-Hammond
David Gray-Hammond is an Autistic, ADHD, and Schizophrenic author. He wrote "The New Normal: Autistic musings on the threat of a broken society" and "Unusual Medicine: Essays on Autistic identity and drug addiction". He runs the blog Emergent Divergence (which can be found at https://emergentdivergence.com ) and is a regular educator and podcast host for Aucademy. He runs his own consultancy business through which he offers independent advocacy, mentoring, training, and public speaking. He has his own podcast "David's Divergent Discussions" and can also be found on substack at https://www.davidsdivergentdiscussions.co.uk

Autistic people and the fear of death

David Gray-Hammond links the systemic factors that contribute autistic insomnia to the pervasive fear of death many of us experience.

Weird Pride Day: Changing the narrative

David Gray-Hammond explores the hatred and violence he has faced for being weird, and writes of his hope to change the narrative on this Weird Pride Day.

Why did I use drugs? The feeling of being an autistic addict

I completely replaced who I was. My entire life was about drugs and alcohol. It was literally all I spoke about. All I thought about. All of my hopes and dreams washed away and were replaced by what I thought was a “lifestyle choice.”

The dark side: Facing up to the things I have done as an autistic addict

David Gray-Hammond dispels the myth that autistic people are just adult children incapable of doing self-destructive, violent, or criminal behavior and asks society to consider their role in the circumstances that lead up to a vulnerable and traumatized adulthood.

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