David Gray-Hammond

David Gray-Hammond
David is an autistic adult living in the UK. He is Chief Operating Officer at NeuroClastic, he is in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and has experienced several complex mental health conditions. His special interests are autism, addiction, mental health, and sexuality and all the places where those things intersect. He is also the author of Emergent Divergence on Wordpress and Facebook.

Book Review: Becoming Vulnerable by Joshua Corwin

David Gray-Hammond reviews Joshua Corwin’s poetry anthology, Becoming Vulnerable, a collection of poems documenting the experience of being an autistic addict and finding recovery.

On Autistics and Substance Use During Lockdown

If you’re finding lockdown and quarantine are contributing to an increase in your use of drugs, alcohol, or other unhealthy coping mechanisms, these steps might help you to find some healthier ways to navigate difficult times.

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