David Gray-Hammond

David Gray-Hammond
David Gray-Hammond is an Autistic, ADHD, and Schizophrenic author. He wrote "The New Normal: Autistic musings on the threat of a broken society" and "Unusual Medicine: Essays on Autistic identity and drug addiction". He runs the blog Emergent Divergence (which can be found at https://emergentdivergence.com ) and is a regular educator and podcast host for Aucademy. He runs his own consultancy business through which he offers independent advocacy, mentoring, training, and public speaking. He has his own podcast "David's Divergent Discussions" and can also be found on substack at https://www.davidsdivergentdiscussions.co.uk

Yes, my autism does define me.

For David, nothing is more hurtful and offensive than being told that his autism does not define him. Here’s why.

Autistic addiction advocacy: A lonely endeavour

No one is talking about autism and addiction, so recovering addict and autistic self-advocate David Gray-Hammond is leading the charge and starting the conversation.

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