A poem that shouldn’t exist and isn’t a real poem anyway

this is a silly picture of a vulnerable plant, but this alt text is for Zane. Communication rights rock. I hate Donald Trump, too. This is a really bad poem.

A not real poem from a sometimes speaking autistic to a nonspeaking autistic.

Thank you for occupying this wordless place with me
For becoming a banyan tree to provide the roots beneath me
And the canopy over me

Thank you for being the trunk into which I could lean
Your xylem warm blood just for spite
Your heat keeps just for the mutiny of it
I plugged in without remembering to ask for consent
You didn’t mind

Thank you for being in this wordless plane with me
And letting me forget the boundary of where my consciousness ends and yours begins

Thank you for seeing me as a mighty cedar
Or a difficult ash
A weeping willow with a playful twitch
Tic disorder, unspecified

Thank you for spotting that split in the seed coat
And the tender tendril soul inside
Thank you for knowing how to care for that seed
And for keeping it safe from the visible and invisible predators

Thank you for that wordless vacuum of space
Where my traumatic brain metaphors
Can be aphasic and lose time
Where you are both the concrete lighthouse and the
Tiny photon sojourner on those eternal spiraling steps
Winged and curious muse

Thank you for that distortion at the perfect off time
And your tortured melody
Your broken rhythm is a gift
In sync with that great Greenwich tower

No one else hears the click of its gears
In this wordless space

I saw you, and I did not look away
Like I was supposed to

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2 Responses

  1. “Thank you for being the trunk into which I could lean
    Your xylem warm blood just for spite”

    VERY Deep, Warm Tree Thoughts and Thank You for publicly sharing.

    Might I suggest one personal item?

    Face the tree’s trunk, step in and wrap your arms around it as far as they can go.
    Place your forehead into the bark, close your eyes and hug tightly.
    Feel the static Sparks literally shoot out of your Mind and into the Tree where they belong.
    Let this green giant “ground you out” physically into the earth itself into which it is anchored –– and live another day with less clinging static.

    Peace wishes from a real Tree Hugger.
    Hugging big Trees works in a very personal way…
    If you haven’t already, then consider trying this out.




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