Dynamite Garden

Dynamite Garden
I'm an autistic writer who has a long-standing love affair with the Oxford comma. Leave me a comment about what uncomfortable, self-deprecating, overly-honest topic you'd like to cringe your way through reading, and I'll do my best to oblige.

Poetry: Cosmic Archaeologist

Cosmic Archaeologist is a poem of traumatic brain Memories and the tireless Work of the Silent Muse.

man with a square jaw line and beard wearing a blindfold.

Sensory Sex Hacks for Autistics

Here’s the “ten things” article about sex you won’t find in the pop psych magazines that serve as sexual literacy for the mainstream.

sex while autistic image shows a sexual position with a woman hovering over a man who is shirtless. sex sexual sexy autism on the spectrum

Autism and Masking During Sex

I’m an autistic woman in a stable, mostly healthy marriage. I think our problems are minor compared to other people’s problems. But somebody needs to

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