Poetry- La Noyée (The Drowned Girl)

This poem is about a girl in a song and another girl who lives on a planet of perpetual music. To see my life, you must also let the music take you.

Painting by Sofi Ghassaei that features swirling shades of blue that resemble an aerial view of sea water.

The girl has drowned

Not in water 

But in sound


Salty and material

Like the sea

It washes over and

Satisfies all her



Her voice has stopped

Becoming one

With the song

Lone remembrance of

Real love

As she lets go

This is the way

To die

She thinks

Drowning not in water

But in sound



La niña se murió 

En un mar 

De sonido





Solo la canción y

Algunos recuerdos

De ti


Sin más que sentir

Sin más que decir

La niña soy yo


En la música




Inspired by the song La Noyée by Yann Tiersen

Featured Painting by Sofia Ghassaei

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4 Responses

  1. Sofia,
    Drowning in sound, NOT in water.
    So beautiful, so peaceful.
    Your poem wakes me up from the dream-fear I’ve had of inhaling water and dying.

    I’d much rather inhale nice, peaceful and beautiful sounds.

    THANK YOU for the suggestion which your words thus brings to the brain bank.

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