Summer and Heaven


Blue sky
canvasing a warm sun.
Gushing waterfall
garlanding a majestic mountain.
Rustling trees
scoring a songbird’s soulful tune.
Emerald lakes
bedecked by sun shimmered ripples.
Partnerships most heavenly!
Remind me of times
my body and mind
dance in glorious harmony,
exuding transcendental beauty.
Not unlike a Canadian summer.


Look up.
Not to the heavens.
Ever so slightly up,
to earth.
At the sanctity of
laughs, shared among friends.
The devotion of
hearts, that love tirelessly.
The miracle of
savouring small pleasures.
The enlightenment in
realizing darkness spawns dawn.
Raise your head
from the bowels of hell.
And behold
the heaven within your grasp.

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6 Responses

  1. I’m a. 🖼 Artist who is. Autistic I love ✍️ sketching faces I’ve done. Quite a few mainly. Faces. Side view and I like doing abstract. Drawings using pencil. Our coloured markers

  2. Mr. Krishnamurthy,

    Thank you for sharing another of your Gems. Enjoy reading your words.

    “Heaven Look up. Not to the heavens. Ever so slightly up, to earth.”

  3. These poems are just gorgeous, Anantha! You are so talented you paint such an incredible picture with your words.

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