Ra Vashtar: OKEQ July 2020 Art Show

Hello, my name is Ra Vashtar, and I’m an autistic artist who’s happy to present my first solo gallery showing, hosted locally and virtually by Oklahomans for Equality. Most of the pieces in the show are available for sale HERE.

I’m incredibly excited to be sharing this work with all of you, and to be working with Oklahomans for Equality. The Dennis R. Neill Equality Center in Tulsa is where I attend a gender support group, and I’m the first member of that group to be having a gallery show in the center’s space. I’m so proud of the work OKEQ is doing, and I hope you enjoy the art!

Several of the Pieces are very directly related to my experience as an autistic individual, and I was able to do a video tour explaining the background of each piece.

It’s always been my dream to be a professional artist, and I am so thankful for the support that has allowed me to come this far. Thank you all for your support!

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