Poetry: Letter by Letter

Unlikely friends
Bonds forged letter by letter
We rise,
Rise up
Through the flames
Of a diagnosis
Which locks us up
In need of comrades
Who get it

In these letters
I found friends,
I also found me.
Lost in the letter board
I am found
A life worth living
Forged letter by letter.
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6 Responses

  1. Rumi: I’ve been waiting to read more of your words.
    I have something to share back with you and have asked a 3rd party individual to contact you with some details from me.
    Take care. And pleaase keep generating thoughts to share with us online…

  2. As someone who is on the spectrum and has also been a teacher for 32 years, I am absolutely blown away by the sheer quality of this poem. The imagery is beautiful and each word is like a stepping stone across a burbling creek.

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