Poetry: Lost, I am home

A Poem by Rumi Ottus

Rain forest, Tofino, Victoria Island, BC

Lost in the lush

Green of the forest floor

Any worry

Blows away

With the ocean breeze

The forest sounds

A melody to a city boy’s ears

The birds serenade

Any passer by

Here I am home

Lost in the lush

Of an ecosystem

So welcoming

I may never return.

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6 Responses

  1. I am transported into peace and a full-sensory bliss by this poem!

    Warm, welcoming, wistful.

    Thank you, Rumi, for this delightful word journey.

  2. Lost in the lush

    Of an ecosystem

    So welcoming

    I may never return

    Thank you for sharing your experience in the forest with others.
    Truly appreciated…

  3. This child could be a better leader than many who do lead at 4 to 9 times his age. His vocabulary is certainly above some presidents. Keep writing. We need you

  4. This kid must have a genius IQ. Very intelligent. Doesn’t sound like an 8 year old writing. This is very impressive. Sounds like something an adult would write. This is the guy to watch. He is going to make many positive contributions to society, I’m sure.

  5. Message from Rumi: “To my fans: thank you dearly. I am more inspired than ever! More poems coming soon.”

  6. Dear Rumi,
    Can’t wait to read more creative writing and thoughts from you. And I’m not alone.
    Take your time. Work up new verse and simply share when you are ready.
    Thank you… 🙂

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