Patrickmagpie is an lgbtqia+ novelist with a penchant for pandemonium. He's opinionated and full of misanthropic snark. An avid word lover, his favorite genres are dark comedy and melodrama. Once he changed his name to Jessica Simpson for a day, and no one noticed. He spends much of his day thinking about fashion, plot twists, and cute sailors. When he's not writing, he enjoys engaging in the neurodiversity community and rallying against hate groups. He plans to share his experiences with autism, anxiety, PTSD, selective mutism, and ADHD. Check out his new blog:

How Do You Ask Your Crush Out?

Resident diva and listmaker extraordinaire Patrick Magpie, unsure in all of his inherent awkwardness, asked some friends about how to approach a crush.

The Debate over an Autism Cure

Few things cause more feverish reactions in the autism community than talk of a cure. While the majority of autistic people hate the C word,

Introducing 50 Things with Patrick Magpie

Comic relief from whatever all this is. The first of a weekly installment of 50 Things with Patrick Magpie. Leave me your suggestion for next week’s list.

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