How Do You Ask Your Crush Out?

Resident diva and listmaker extraordinaire Patrick Magpie, unsure in all of his inherent awkwardness, asked some friends about how to approach a crush.

The Debate over an Autism Cure

Few things cause more feverish reactions in the autism community than talk of a cure. While the majority of autistic people hate the C word, some cling to the idea of a cure as if it’s their only hope. Meanwhile, parents of autistic children are often the most vocal about finding a cure for autism. […]

Hate, Supremacy, Love, Autism, & What Makes Us Human

I sometimes forget how many allies, advocates, and friends we have when I have to confront hate on a daily basis. Hate has become an epidemic in our society. There are entire groups devoted to vilifying autistic people. There are groups who waste massive amounts of energy mocking us and dehumanizing us. There is a […]

Ten Things We Love about Being Autistic

I would like to thank my friends at the Aspergian for helping me compose this list! They’re the best! Autism is hard. It can be tiring, terrifying, infuriating, painful, and overwhelming—all at the same time. Yet, in so many ways Autism defines me, and I’m proud of who I am. Here are ten things to […]

Weird Shit Happens When the Lights Go Out: Dating While Autistic

I went on my first date when I was about twenty. I know. I’m too cute to be such a late bloomer. I’m autistic. I also have anxiety, selective mutism, PTSD, and ADHD. I thought my first date would be a disaster, and it did not disappoint. He was a few years older than me […]

Exploring the Intersection of Autism and Trauma

Editor’s note: this article contains mentions of domestic abuse and alcoholism.  Please read at your own discretion. Every time I cry or even laugh, people act surprised.  As if they’re surprised I have feelings.  I’m perhaps even more surprised because I am a whirlwind of emotion, yet most seem oblivious. Maybe it’s not that surprising.  […]

Fifty Ways to Commit Social Suicide

This list is based on social conventions I had no hand in. If I had that kind of power, divas would rule Earth and the unfashionable would be living in a bubble in space. 1. Mooing at a funeral 2. Wearing prison orange to your best friend’s wedding 3. Spending your bar mitzvah money on […]