Poetry: Crossed Wire’s Song

mind not to scale
“mind not to scale.” Ra Vashtar, Mixed Media, 2020

Crossed Wire’s Song

I will never be not crazy,

hooked up with a different wire.

I don’t run electrically.

No switch on a wildfire.


Broken glass and oil slicks are like diamonds if you let them be.

Mother looks into her baby’s eyes and prays he won’t turn out like me.

Don’t feel too much,

With heart and touch.

Don’t fly too close to the sun.

Think inside the box provided,

But don’t be single minded,

Keep the order.

Keep the peace.

Keep yourself quiet.

Go to sleep.

Learn to walk, but never try to run.


I will never not be different,

I’m an earthquake and a storm,

Sometimes things just need a shaking,

–Light through every hole I tore.


When I finally get to heaven, I know there’s a place that’s set for me,

God will wipe the dirt away, say better things were meant for me.

The human race,

Called me last place,

Judged I was unfit to run.

It’s a system near perfected,

To deem different defective,

Go to work.

Go to school.

Make sure to follow

Social rules.

One size does not fit everyone.


I will never not be like this,

seems a terminal disease.

I will die not knowing normal,

But I’ll live beautifully.


-Ra Vashtar

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2 Responses

  1. I notice you have a lot of credentials Ra — are you Egyptian as well. Vashtar a funny name, is it eastern European; are you familiar with…


    …its a short story by Saki (Hector Hugh Munro). Wonderful fellow…


    … talented hand for essays and short story, which I love — that unfortunately he died too early, by a sniper of all things. Autism and sniping there’s a subject of a poem.

    It took me longer to read those credentials of yours than your poem. But I did like it. and I can see your confident in yourself and your eccentricity *cough*.

    I’m a poet myself. My credentials are that I am white, but I don’t think I’m privileged; I’m old and an Aspergian with PDA tendencies. Oh yeah I’m heterosexual is that bad in a poet and visual artist? I know I’m out of the rainbow and unicorns club, but hell, I can still have common ground as liking your poems and I like your picture.
    Yellow is a favorite color of mind it signifies enlightenment don’t ya know.

    Anyway well done, keep on keeping on…

    1. Hello!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my painting and my poem!

      I am not ethnically Egyptian, I am mostly of European descent, but I have a great love for the culture of Ancient Egypt and the mythology of the Middle East.

      Yes, I’m aware of Saki’s story and enjoy it a great deal!

      I suppose I don’t consider my biography to be credentials, just extra information about myself should someone be interested in learning more about me outside of my writing here. I’ve had people reach out to discuss topics in my biography so I have found it to be a great ice breaker for people with similar backgrounds! (I wouldn’t say I’m exactly confident in myself either, far from it, but I am willing to put myself out there if it can help others feel more confident about themselves!)

      Being heterosexual isn’t bad at all, nor does it take away from the impact of someone’s creative contributions! I know a lot of artists and writers who are heterosexual and I have the utmost respect for their craft. There is no list of traits that make someone a better artist, and I love seeing art from people of all walks of life.

      I tend to mention my background in the LGBTQ+ community because it can be a comfort to those who are questioning to know they are in a safe space to talk about the issues that specifically impact those who are not straight. Even though I am not always confident or sure of myself, I’ve been told many times that knowing my background has given an interesting perspective when viewing my work, and can open differently avenues of interpretation. So I like to make that information available.

      I hope this answers a few of your questions. Thank you for your feedback!


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