Rediscovering the language of life

As I have been pointing out for the last few years, the commodification of neurodiversity and the exploitation of autistic people is in full swing. Corporate “Neurodiversity @ Work” and “Autism @ Work” initiatives are largely scams to procure domesticated corporate workers that can’t afford to ask uncomfortable questions about the purpose of the organisation. […]

Masking and Mental Health Implications

Autistic Masking is not a simple social fake. Prolonged masking has serious mental health implications for autistics; level up your knowledge so can learn to embrace your autistic loved one as their authentic self.

Happy Birthday, Dejah, from Osime Brown’s Mother – #NoDejahVu

Editor’s note: Osime Brown is a 21-year-old autistic Black man who was sentenced to five years in prison for trying to stop a street robbery. Upon his release in October, he is scheduled for deportation to Jamaica where he has not been since he was four. He has no one there to help him with […]