Why You Should Debate Neurodiversity

A close family member once told me that neurodiversity will never be mainstream because it’s not currently a “mainstream issue.”

Yes, my autism does define me.

For David, nothing is more hurtful and offensive than being told that his autism does not define him. Here’s why.

Autistic Community Advocates

Who Advocates for the Advocates?

Autistamatic explores the difference between being an autistic person and an autistic advocate and what responsibilities are associated with assuming the title of “advocate.”

Depressive Realism

For me, at least, this, together with the accumulated knowledge, sometimes leads to a deep sadness about the transience of everything that exists and the subjectivity of all our perceptions, assessments and attributions of meaning.

An Introduction to Neuroqueer Theory

Dayllce Potess introduces one of her special interests, Neuroqueer theory, examining the intersections of autistic, gender, and LGBTQ+ identity.

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