intellectual disability

Sheltered Workshops: State-Sanctioned Ableism

Sheltered workshops allow employers to pay disabled people at rates far below minimum wage. This state-sanctioned discrimination is an ugly reflection of how society views disabled persons.

closeup of some pieces of paper with the text human rights and stop deportations handwritten in them on a rustic wooden surface

Osime Brown is in Prison for Being Black and Autistic

Osime Brown, a 21 year old Black autistic man, is scheduled to be deported, alone, to Jamaica this month. He has not been there since he was four years and has no support waiting for him.

Someone writing in a notebook with a pair of blue glasses folded up on the notebook.

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Autism

It’s an unfortunate reality that mental illness and neuro-developmental conditions are often much less respected and validated than physical illnesses for the simple reason that

What’s in a Word: Asperger’s and the APA

Few words in behavioral science come with more controversy and contention than Asperger’s. This series focuses on the word, Asperger’s, and the many antagonists to

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