Osime Brown is in Prison for Being Black and Autistic

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Yesterday, I read a devastating article from The Independent about a young autistic man with intellectual disability who is facing being deported in the U.K., and in the process, I came across sub-heading that struck me to my core. As an individual who knows what it’s like to be forced to move from a place in which one thrives, a place where one was safe and had warmth and support, I relate.

The subheader reads, “Mother of Osime Brown says his deportation marks culmination of failings by statutory agencies over the years” –The Independent on the Story of Osime Brown

These words so heartfelt, the words of a mother’s anguish, perfectly summarizing the nightmare that Osime Brown, a 21-year old man who left Jamaica at age 4 with his family to move to the UK, will face if he is deported to Jamaica. There, he’d be away from his family and support groups, without which Mr.Brown would likely not be able to survive.

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