Put Down the Scissors

Trevor Types, a blonde teen with a sharp haircut, stands in front of a background with scissors, hair clippers, and a comb. Image resembles a magazine advertisement

Pesky autism.

One of the first things I ever spelled to my mom was that I needed a better haircut. Specifically, I asked for something cool. This led to my mom and teacher Googling, “cool haircuts.” And can you picture two middle-aged women trying to decide what is cool for a fifteen year old’s hair? Surprisingly, it turned out pretty good.

In the following years, I rocked some good cuts.

Image of a stylish teen with a fresh blonde hair cut and a blue jacket

And then last week, this happened.
mime-attachment 4

image of a very uneven haircut. very. very uneven cut.

My head was itching and my pesky autistic body thought a pair of scissors could fix the situation. Clearly that was incorrect.

My dad had to shave my head to try to salvage some degree of respectability. Now my head itches in the way new hair coming in itches.

Image of Trevor with a shaved head, having made a recovery from his very. very. very. uneven recent cut.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how my brain and body are operating on different platforms. It’s like my body is a Mac, and my brain is an Android. The two can work together, but it takes a lot of effort… and it is not intuitive.

Being autistic is something I am still learning to navigate. Since the scissors only brought more problems, I am going to work on leaving future haircuts to my stylist.

Trevor with his teacher, Mrs. Quinn

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5 Responses

  1. Have to say, that haircut really is good. I am familiar with the scissors, having done the same thing to my own hair ages ago, which also resulted in a close shave.

  2. My son recently did this because his hair was bothering him. I think your hair looks fine, but I’m a middle aged woman. 😁

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