Hell is Other People, a One Act Play

What is the point of communicating if people are going to ignore your message but focus on your “tone,” or tell you they know how you feel better than you do, or that your feelings are a problem? Why speak if they are only going to complain that you echo and script?

I’m frustrated, yes. Why deny it?

I’m frustrated so I wrote an experimental play. But I’m not a playwright, and you will see why.


HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE, a one-act one-person play that gets performed over and over and over and over and over again until every last member of the audience gives up and goes home.

“Use your words.”

“No, not those words.”

“Those are the right words, but I don’t like your tone.”

“Don’t get that attitude with me. Sarcasm is rude.”

“Tell me about your feelings.”

“If you don’t tell me how you feel, how can I help you?”

“No, not those feelings. Be positive. Say something you are grateful for.”

“Nobody will believe you feel grateful if you say it like that.”

“Why are you being so rude?”

“You’ll never be happy anywhere if you don’t fix your attitude.”

“You’re just doing this to be difficult. I’m helping.”

“Stop crying. You need to stop being so sensitive.”

“Use your words. What’s wrong?”

(Repeat until all audience members have exited the building.)

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