Coming to Terms with an Autism Diagnosis: Sam Stein interviews Rees Finlay about his Upcoming Graphic Novella

Reaffirmation: Coming to terms with an autism diagnosis is a comic book/novella by author and illustrator Rees Finlay. In it he details his life around the time of his autism diagnosis through the use of impactful emotional drawings and sarcastic and self-deprecating humour.

In this video, I talk to Rees about his book, his autism diagnosis and his Kickstarter campaign. (English subtitles in video)

See the Kickstarter here:


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One Response

  1. Thanks for this: short, interesting, pithy – perfect! Would love more of these ‘Get to meet…’ interviews.

    Have now ordered Rees’s book on Amazon – a bit gutted his Kickstarter campaign has just ended so I couldn’t order directly from it (and I’ve missed getting my name inside a copy – boo hoo) but think it’s fab his campaign to get this book written and out there has been so successful. Yep, Rees – you are an autistic legend 😉

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