Yo Samdy Sam

Yo Samdy Sam
Sam is a Brit living in the Netherlands, who was diagnosed with autism in 2019. She has a YouTube channel ("Yo Samdy Sam") where she posts videos about autism and neurodiversity.

Demisexuality and autism

A demisexual person doesn’t feel sexual attraction unless a strong bond or emotional connection has been made. Many autistics report being demisexual.

white redhead boy holding sparkler in his hands which had just exploded.

Life after autism diagnosis – what next?

The five months since I was “officially” diagnosed with autism have been a whirlwind of discovery, namely finding other autistic women like me, and finding

Why Autistic Women Seem Two-Faced

I consider myself a person of integrity, someone who always tries to do the right thing, sometimes taking agonising and soul-searching mental paths just to

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