Terra Vance

Terra Vance
Terra Vance is an industrial and organizational psychology consultant and founder and CEO of NeuroClastic, Inc. Her passions are in the intersections of social justice, equity, literature, Truth, and science. Tip for Sennheiser replacement fund.

The Importance of Black Barbers as Staples of the Community

Champ Turner is a Black Autistic man who was wrongfully convicted following an unprovoked attack from a white man with a butcher knife. His community needs him, and he needs the support of the Autistic community and our allies.

a young girl with a shaved head is working on a project in a classroom. there is racial and ethnic diversity among the students and the teacher. article is about autism and social stories being harmful for disability rights.

Social Stories for Autism and the Harm They Can Cause

Social stories should be for the whole class, because that is what inclusion means. They should focus on the values that drive cooperation and embrace difference. Social stories should encourage inclusion, and that means trying to find ways to include everyone and addressing those most likely to create a culture of exclusion.

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