Terra Vance

Terra Vance
Terra Vance is an industrial and organizational psychology consultant and founder and CEO of NeuroClastic, Inc. Her passions are in the intersections of social justice, equity, literature, Truth, and science. Tip for Sennheiser replacement fund.

On Autism, Getting Dressed, and Toileting

There are a lot of parents who are anxious about the upcoming school year because their autistic children may not be dressing or toileting without assistance. This article explains why many autistic children and adults may experience incontinence.

the neuroclastic red wing logo with a white stamp that reads approved to signal that the job board has been approved

Announcement: NeuroClastic Job Board Funded and Moving Forward!

NeuroClastic board member Marcia Eckard has collected information on thousands of opportunities for autistic job seekers. We have the vision, you made the donation, and now we are building our job board with a talented autistic web developer.

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