Free PDF Download of NeuroInclusive Social Story: On Chatting and Infodumping

We’ve been taught that there are ways to communicate, demonstrate empathy, and show relatedness, and that to do so differently is to do it “wrong.” Autistic communication is often discussed as if it is lacking in empathy, a moral failing that results in failure to connect.

But communicating differently should be embraced. There is more than one way to relate to each other, and those who relate differently shouldn’t be sent the message that they need to change in order to deserve friendship and mutual respect.

Instead of social stories, NeuroInclusive Stories are meant to be shared with anyone, regardless of whether they are disabled or not, to help all people navigate differences in a way that embraces inclusion and diversity.

Click here to download Chatting and Infodumping. You are free to reproduce, enlarge, display, and use this NeuroInclusive story, but please do not remove the logo or URL from the front page or edit the text. If you wish to translate it to another language, please use the contact form or connect with us on social media.

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4 Responses

  1. I love it! I’m so excited to see the next neuro-inclusive social story.

  2. Downloaded and saved it to my COMMUNICATION folder, not my Autism folder 😀 😀 I absolutely love this

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