Jude Clee

Jude Clee
Jude Clee is a writer, teacher, and amateur historian. She is one of autism's undiagnosed, lost girls. Like her writing? Click here to buy Jude a coffee.

Coming Out as Autistic at Work

Coming out at work is taking a risk. It should only be done if you feel it’s the best decision for your personal situation, and only to the people you can trust. Don’t feel like you “have to” or that you “owe” it to your boss–you don’t. It is entirely up to you.

Coming Out to Family and Friends as Autistic

In this article, Jude Clee takes a brief look at the difficulties that autistic people face when opening up about being autistic and shares some of her experiences.

There is No Autism Epidemic

Autism isn’t on the rise, but there may be reasons Pelee believe that myth. A look at how autistic people have been changing the world for centuries.

Autism’s Lost Girls

The presentation and characterization of autism in both clinical and mainstream literature mostly describes autistic boys, leaving many girl undiagnosed.

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