I am a wife, mother, Jesus follower and Aspergian (Aspie) who just so happens to love writing. I express myself best in written words :)

Poetry: Don’t Tell Me

Don’t Tell Me Life’s too hard I’ve come this far To go nowhere Why the blank stare? Don’t tell me you’ve been there.  I don’t

Emotional Overload and Aspie Understanding

The media paints a picture of Aspies that is incorrect. We are thought to be disruptive, burdensome, and downright dangerous. That’s what outsiders want you

A man and woman sitting on a bench. The woman looks to the side, one leg crossed over the other with her back to the man. The man is looking down presumably reading something.

On Connection and Loss

I don’t easily arrive at an emotional connection, but once I let my guard down and allow that connection to flourish, it is hard and

A woman wearing a masquerade mask

This Little Mask-Erade Is Over

One woman tells of her lifelong journey to mask her true identity and the process of allowing herself to take off the mask and be her authentic self.

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