Poetry: Don’t Tell Me

Don’t Tell Me Life’s too hard I’ve come this far To go nowhere Why the blank stare? Don’t tell me you’ve been there.  I don’t want to hear Let’s make that clear Just save your breath Because I have none left Don’t tell me I’ve nothing to fear.  Taste of salt on my tongue Remember […]

Emotional Overload and Aspie Understanding

The media paints a picture of Aspies that is incorrect. We are thought to be disruptive, burdensome, and downright dangerous. That’s what outsiders want you to believe. If you would allow me the time, I would like to show you a more complete picture. Any group of people will consist of some dangerous minds, sure. […]

On Connection and Loss

I don’t easily arrive at an emotional connection, but once I let my guard down and allow that connection to flourish, it is hard and fast. It’s similar to a car going from zero to ninety, pedal to the metal, except with an even faster acceleration rate.  Think rocket thrusters.  There is only first gear […]

This Little Mask-Erade Is Over

One woman tells of her lifelong journey to mask her true identity and the process of allowing herself to take off the mask and be her authentic self.

(Un)Diagnosed Adults On The Autism Spectrum

There are many different reasons that a person on the spectrum may reach adulthood undiagnosed. Autism is such a familiar term these days that it seems impossible for people to remain undiagnosed; however, it is very common that autistics live most of their lives without confirmation in the form of an official diagnosis.

An Open Letter to Non-Autistic Friends & Family

An Open Letter to Non-Autistic Friends and Family, We know you try to relate to us, your autistic loved ones. We appreciate it; we truly do. But in many ways, many of us keep hearing the message from people that they can relate.  You really can’t. 

A Girl on the Spectrum – The Outside of the Outside

The best support mental health professionals and educators can offer autistics (and yes, most of us prefer this term as autism affects so much of our identity) is to admit they don’t know everything about autism and how it affects autistics.