Poetry: Don’t Tell Me

Don’t Tell Me

Life’s too hard

I’ve come this far

To go nowhere

Why the blank stare?

Don’t tell me you’ve been there. 

I don’t want to hear

Let’s make that clear

Just save your breath

Because I have none left

Don’t tell me I’ve nothing to fear. 

Taste of salt on my tongue

Remember when I was young 

These same feelings brew up

Oh how different things would be when I grew up

Don’t tell me think half full cup.

But here we are, please don’t touch-

Life is still just too much

I just can’t let you in,

My heart will not be broken again

Don’t tell me you’re a true friend.

Breathe in through my nose 

Out through my mouth

That’s how you said it goes

Still I feel I’m passing out. 

Don’t tell me not to pout.

Anxiety, depression, ASD, and OCD galore-

If I survive, you’ll be scraping me off the floor

Dyspraxia left coffee on my shirt

Dropped my keys in the dirt

Don’t tell me how to hurt.

Yes, life is hard, not just for me, I know

Hard for you too, doesn’t help me on the go

Pop a Xanax, don’t forget that Lexapro

But can I just say one last thing about this thing called life,

  • No no no no no!

Don’t tell me I can’t go.

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2 Responses

  1. I have filled put forms. But cant get help with the forms until I fill out the forms !!

  2. I think the simplicity and directness of the language works really well here with the regularity of the rythme.

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