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Put Down the Scissors1 min read

Pesky autism.

One of the first things I ever spelled to my mom was that I needed a better haircut. Specifically, I asked for some­thing cool. This led to my mom and teacher Googling, “cool hair­cuts.” And can you pic­ture two middle-aged women trying to decide what is cool for a fif­teen year old’s hair? Surprisingly, it turned out pretty good.

In the fol­lowing years, I rocked some good cuts.

Image of a stylish teen with a fresh blonde hair cut and a blue jacket

And then last week, this hap­pened.
mime-attachment 4

image of a very uneven haircut. very. very uneven cut.

My head was itching and my pesky autistic body thought a pair of scis­sors could fix the sit­u­a­tion. Clearly that was incor­rect.

My dad had to shave my head to try to sal­vage some degree of respectability. Now my head itches in the way new hair coming in itches.

Image of Trevor with a shaved head, having made a recovery from his very. very. very. uneven recent cut.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how my brain and body are oper­ating on dif­ferent plat­forms. It’s like my body is a Mac, and my brain is an Android. The two can work together, but it takes a lot of effort… and it is not intu­itive.

Being autistic is some­thing I am still learning to nav­i­gate. Since the scis­sors only brought more prob­lems, I am going to work on leaving future hair­cuts to my stylist.

Trevor with his teacher, Mrs. Quinn
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  1. Have to say, that haircut really is good. I am familiar with the scis­sors, having done the same thing to my own hair ages ago, which also resulted in a close shave.

  2. Definitely did some­thing sim­ilar when my hair reached my neck and I could feel it.

  3. My son recently did this because his hair was both­ering him. I think your hair looks fine, but I’m a middle aged woman. 😁

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