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Shalom! My name is Sophie, and you might remember me from my TedTalk on autism. Now, I’m doing my first vlog in a series of videos which raises awareness and acceptance of autistics! In this video we go over the main autism traits, what the NHS classes as autism traits, and then we dive into further traits which often get glanced over.

How many symptoms of autism do you relate to?

This video was designed to be a useful tool for adults, teenagers, children, and their parents to better understand what it’s like to be autistic. This video can also be used by educators and students who are studying SEN (special education, for Americans) and people who work with autistic people. If you would like to use this video please message me in one of the social media links below or email me at slphotos@outlook.com Sources of the information are from the NHS website and the following links. SOURCES:

What Does Autism Spectrum Disorder Look Like in Adults?

List of female Asperger/Autism traits

I was diagnosed with Aspergers/ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) at 16 – right before my final exams! But as an adult I realised that this doesn’t have to be the case for young autistic people and other autistic adults and that if I could do something to help then I should. No one deserves to suffer in silence. With being on lockdown and not having to work as much I used to (I have a very social job funnily enough 😂) I thought this was the perfect time to start planning and getting content out there which helps fellow autistic aliens 👽 like me        
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  1. The love/support/never alone promise only stands up if you agree with the ethic of safety from rejection, that motivated my fairness watching site autisticgroupsfairnesswatch,wordpress.com, and you are not on the side of the problematically many intolerant rejecty purgey elements in the autistic scene.

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