The Cure for Autism

I know the cure for Autism.  It’s rather simple, actually.  It didn’t take decades of research in a lab, and it didn’t take experimental drug cocktails, or dissecting Autistic brains.

All it took was a pair of eyes that don’t see social constructs.  All it took was eyes that don’t understand the fear of those who are different than others.

What is the cure?  You yell while perched on the edge of your seat?

Acceptance.  Acceptance is the cure.

Society puts people into categories.  It judges and harshly opines.  It does this with willful malice or in fleeting subconscious thought.  Society is a sorter and it loves to segregate.  Society loves a well-spoken, well dressed, powerful person who makes them feel warm fuzzies inside.  Society is impatient and does not love those who take too long to process, it does not love those who are awkward, and it does not love feeling at all uneasy.

Society wants you to follow all of their rules and not to stray too far from that deep trodden path they walk.

Society likes to mock and jeer at what it does not understand.

Society likes to exclude what makes it feel uncomfortable.

So, now I ask you this: who really needs to be cured?  Autistics?  Or is it a society that teaches its members to fear and/or fix anything deemed different that really needs to be cured?

Again, it’s really quite simple.  The cure for Autism is acceptance.  Society can cure Autism.  It just needs to open its mind, let go of the fear, let go of the assumptions, let go of rigid constructs, listen, and try to see the world through Autistic eyes, as we’ve tried so desperately hard to see it through neurotypical eyes our entire lives.

Autistics are crying out to be heard, and society holds their future in its all too powerful hands.  Let’s join together in inseparable unity.  Let’s become one social construct and join together our voices and talents.  Let’s blend and mix until we form one from many.

Listen.  Ask questions.  Understand.


Be part of the cure.

Author’s note: Autism does not need to be cured in the literal sense.  The above statements show how Autistics can be seen as people rather than as the limiting confines of their diagnosis.

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