Poetry: I can’t believe

The knowledge of being autistic and engaging with the autistic community has restored my faith in my intuition. This poem describes the dialogue I wish to have with those who advise me against my intuition.

Black woman sitting on a couch with her head on her hand while her children run past her.

Here’s to the Mums of Autistic Kids

I cannot speak for fathers, but being a mother is hard work.  It’s not like it is in the movies or the adverts on TV. 

Why Accessible, Community Driven, and Neurodiversity-Friendly Events Are So Important

“[…] a real effort was made to accommodate various sensory needs and allow the kids in attendance to pursue activities they enjoyed and found interesting. Visual instruction sheets and other adaptations were provided for those who were nonverbal; a variety of stations, all loosely related to the weekly sport theme, were set up to allow for choice; and the event in general was one that encouraged the neurodivergent folks who came – parents and children alike – to have fun and bond with other like-minded people.”

Caretaker Fatigue

Caregiver fatigue is a real phenomenon, especially if the caregiver is also disabled. Practical life tips for managing and reducing fatigue and burnout.

It’s All Right to Cry…

Even when it’s the truth, even when you expect it, even when you long to have the validation of an autistic diagnosis for your child, the tears will still come.

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