Poetry: A/Typical Girl

Just a typical girl

Atypical girl

I like a boy 

Can’t tell him so

I laugh with friends 

And then I can’t stop

Read romance novels

Never see myself

Go shopping lots 

For sensory clothes

Study hard 

It’s all online

I love pop songs

For their taste and color

Girls always love diamonds

I can’t wear a ring

Movies? Yes! 

From a different room

I write poems of love

Can’t write my name

My goals are many

And all need support

The mirror reveals

A/typical girl

October 2021

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6 Responses

  1. What a fantastic poem!
    “I love pop songs
    For their taste and color”
    I can definitely relate to that. The synesthetic and sensory immersion of the phrases really moves me and make me nod in shared knowing.

  2. Sofi, I love how you play with words, massage words, look at ideas from different angles, and create new ways to express universal ideas… like what Picasso did with visual images! I hope you publish your poetry in a book some day : )

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