Poetry: Autistic Self Love

My dear siblings,
Love can be painted
in colours aplenty.
Pink tints teen love.
Red heralds a soldier’s.
Green beats a tree hugger’s heart.
But, thy self love dips into
a palette most vibrant.
You see,
Teen love has the luxury of breakups.
A soldier can rest in martyrdom.
The tree hugger can let go in cynical despair.
But thy love,
is shorn of exit clauses,
Soldiering on without rest,
Conjuring optimism out of desolateness,
Savouring fleeting victories,
While marching to the next foe.
Thy love,
arches and blankets thy self,
like a resplendent rainbow.

Artwork supplied by Naessly’s Art Space.

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4 Responses

  1. Anantha:

    Your poetry stirs my heart and tickles my soul.
    Thank You for sharing with public others.

    Carbon Bridge

  2. Such a grasp for love, I can’t give it words, and he’s only 13! I didn’t find out what it was until 20, he was autistic too so he had to show me and words failed us both.

  3. “Conjuring optimism out of desolateness,
    Savouring fleeting victories.”

    This entire poem really moved me, today. I have been seeing terrible comments from people who think we are not worthy of existing and some days it really does feel like a relentless battlefield.

    To read the words of this poem and be reminded that our strength is in manifesting hope, making something out of nothing, holding on to all that is beautiful in us and all around us… that is a tremendous blessing. Thank you.

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