NeuroClastic members nominated for the UK’s National Diversity Awards 2021

NeuroClastic is excited to announce that both the Chief Operating Officer and a member of the advisory board have been nominated for the ITV national diversity awards in the UK.

You can vote for them by following the link for David here, and for Jo here. You will need to confirm the vote via your email, the email may be in your junk mail.

David Gray-Hammond, chief operations officer

David runs the Facebook page and blog Emergent Divergence. His work revolves around being late-diagnosed autistic and autistic experiences with mental health and addiction. He has also written on his experiences with asexuality.

David regularly presents for Aucademy and other online education platforms. He has spoken about addiction, psychosis, asexuality, and accommodations that support autistic wellbeing.

In his home city, he has been involved in the commissioning of substance use treatment services, and worked with commissioners to improve existing services. He also introduced a harm reduction programme at the local University to protect student substance users.

Jo Richardson, Advisory Board

Jo is a diagnosed autistic with a PDA profile and runs the page and blog, Different, not Deficient. She is also ADHD and OCD as well as a whole list of acronyms and is also physically disabled due to a host of different conditions. She is a mum to a PDA 4 year old who is getting assessed for ADHD as he is like the Energiser bunny 20 hours a day!

Jo is a passionate writer and advocate. She runs her own website and facebook page for her writing, as well as writing for the magnificent NeuroClastic! She has also been published in AuKids magazine in the UK and runs a facebook group for autistic mothers.

She is addicted to learning and has Level 2 diplomas in Understanding Autism, PDA, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing of Children, and has seven other courses that she is currently working on!

Both of these NeuroClastic members deserve their nominations greatly, and we would really appreciate if you could go vote for them. You can vote for both if you wish!

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